High Tech Tools for Risk Management in the Wimmera Mallee

Ian and Warwick McClelland
Birchip, Victoria

Note – only these parts of the McClelland’s 1999 interview are available.

As chairman of the Birchip Cropping Group, Ian McClelland played a role in the appointment of Ian Holton of Holton Weather Forecasting to provide climate forecasts for all group members.

“Holton provided an alternative to El NinoSOI based forecasts,” said Ian.

“The last El Nino event in 1997 had minimal effect on rainfall in late winter and spring months in southeastern Australia. Climate models that are based on the SOI simply don’t work well down here.

“Ian Holton incorporates sea surface temperatures from this critical east Australian-New Zealand ocean area which should be more accurate for the Wimmera/Mallee area of Victoria.

“Climate forecasting is still in the experimental stage but I believe that we should encourage it There are huge benefits to be gained.”

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