Multi-week climate outlook products

Research objective

Develop new multi-week rainfall forecasting tools and make them available on the Bureau of Meteorology’s Water and The Land.

Project duration

Since 2010, into Phase IV (current)

Progress to date

Phase 1 produced prototype tools for multi-week forecasting using raw experimental data from POAMA 1.5. The forecast period was from 7 days to 3 months. Farmers participating in the Climate Champion program trialled the prototypes.

In Phase 2, BOM improved the prototypes and developed and tested the web interface.

In Phase 3, multi-week rainfall forecasts were developed from dynamical models to bridge the gap between 7-day weather forecasts and 3-month seasonal outlooks, with a goal of seamless prediction services. The team also gathered ideas from producers about potential other desired WATL products.

In Phase 4, work continues towards a seamless prediction service and new products for producers and natural resource managers.

Research contact

Dr Andrew Watkins

Bureau of Meteorology

Phone: 03 9669 4360

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