Climate Kelpie website

Research objective

Climate Kelpie is a ‘one-stop shop’ for climate risk management information and tools. We designed it for Australian farmers and farm advisors.

It connects you to the best available tools and information about climate to help you make decisions about your farm business. Mostly we provide links to content on other websites. Every month we add new links to credible and relevant tools and information.

Climate Kelpie can help you find:

Project duration

Commencing 2009 and continuing to June 2016

Progress to date

Econnect continues to source and update Climate Kelpie with the latest tools, tips and advice for farmers on how to adapt to a more variable climate and how to make better decisions when managing climate variability.

We incorporate explanations and links to the latest reviews, reports and research on weather and climate forecasts and drivers, climate science, and Australia’s climate into the future.

Latest website analytics for Quarter 1 of 2016 show there were more than 8000 users of the site, and page views, sessions and users have steadily increased over time.

Research contact

Contact Econnect Communication about Climate Kelpie.

Econnect Communication—’Bringing Science to Life’

Phone: (07) 3846 7111

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