Evaluations of MCV

The work that MCV has supported is substantial and demonstrates high benefit-to-cost ratios in each of its independent evaluations.

  • In July 2015, independent evaluators assessed the potential economic returns of investing a further 5 years of research and development in the MCV program, Phase V. Read the summary of the study.
  • In July 2015, independent evaluators conducted an economic evaluation (benefit–cost analysis) of MCV’s investment for years ending 30 June 2009 to 2016. Read the summary of the study.
  • In March 2013, GRDC published an independent economic analysis of its investment in Phase II and III of the MCV program. Read the final report [PDF 1596 kb].
  • In 2013, CSIRO interviewed MCV Climate Champion participants to find out what social and economic conditions and processes drive resource managers to make more significant, transformative shifts. Download the summary of the study [PDF 402 kb].
  • In September 2012, 30 current and prospective program partners, researchers and other stakeholders participated in a workshop to identify current and emerging priorities and discuss investment opportunities. Download the workshop summary [PDF 859 kb].
  • In July 2012, independent evaluators analysed the MCV Climate Champion program for its investment costs and benefits. Read the final report [PDF 1736 kb].
  • In March 2010, a team of climate scientists and agricultural experts evaluated our investment strategy. Download the 8-page summary of the evaluation [PDF 53 kb].
  • In May 2007, independent evaluators analysed the impact of the MCV program research and potential benefits from prospective new research. Read the final report of the analyses [PDF 477 kb].
  • In October 2006, an independent evaluator reviewed the investments, costs and benefits of the National Climate Variability Program (NCVP) and the Climate Variability in Agriculture Program (CVAP). Read the final report [PDF 193 kb].
  • In March 2002, independent evaluators reviewed the Climate Variability in Agriculture R&D Program (as administered by Land and Water Australia). Download the final report of the review [PDF 592 kb].